The SECRIOUS research project is proud to present "Protection"! 

A small, easy to play - hard to master game about a "what" that is doing "what" in a "what"!  Wondering what all those "what's" are about? Well, we are on purpose short on words, so you can provide us with your own! 

Jump in the game, play until the end and describe what happened in our post-game activity. Even if you don't finish the game, you will still get a prompt after 20' to access the activity.

Want to know more about what we are doing? We are very secrious about it. 

Follow those links to investigate: 

Webpage  ||  Facebook  ||  Twitter || LinkedIn

or email us at secrious at gmail dot com

Development log


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Quite a fun game, love the minimal description and that it just let's you discover. On the other side also quite annoying because sometimes it's confusing to see what is going on. Not sure if there's anything supposed to happen when you reach the end but nothing happened for me.

Hey! Lovely to hear from you! You got our approach spot-on! Observing how it feels to figure things out by yourself was also part of our intention: I will note "feeling annoyed" as your input! Can you pinpoint if feedback was confusing throughout the game or maybe only at certain parts, like close to the end? As for reaching the end, smth *does* happen but maybe you need to search in ...time instead of space to find it!?!?! ^^
*If you want more tips, pm @SecriousProject in Twitter!

Thank you!!! 

There is an open poll to name our character accessible from our facebook page:

or from the link below: